Case studies

We continue to build upon and use our 25+ years of DEI consulting and leadership experience to solve both emerging and engrained DEI problems for our many clients – providing long term value for the money spent on our services. The following DEI case studies highlight the impact of some of our DEI services.

Increased diverse workforce representation by 10%

Schabel Solutions helps non-profit develop employee attraction and retention strategy and delivers DEI training to staff leading to 10% increase in diverse workforce representation.

Decreased HR Complaints by 90%

Schabel Solutions helps manufacturing plant design new employee policy and delivers DEI training leading to swift and significant decline in complaints to HR.

Increased enrollment in online products and services by 15% in 6 months

Schabel Solutions creates and delivers customized workshop leading to rapid increase in utilization of banking products and services.

DEI assessment establishes DEI baseline for hospital

Schabel Solutions conducts DEI assessment of hospital leading to a clear understanding of its current state of DEI and next steps for DEI strategy pivoting.

In the know

How do you measure DEI success?
Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle to measure the impact of their DEI efforts. However, there are many valuable and trackable metrics available in isolation or as part of a DEI dashboard or DEI index that can point to DEI program success. The return on investment (ROI) of DEI is increasingly gaining traction as the best means of measuring the success of organizational DEI programs.

What is DEI ROI?
In short, it’s a way to measure whether a DEI service or program offered value for money. In other words, it’s the dollar amount returned as a benefit for every dollar spent on a service or program. If you can calculate the financial costs and benefits of a service or program, you can calculate DEI ROI.

Our impact on customer DEI ROI
Schabel Solutions continues to build upon 25+ years of DEI consulting and leadership experience as we assist a wide range of business, education, government, and not-for-profit clients with their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. We are able to adapt diversity and inclusion solutions cross-sector and can step in to solve both emerging and engrained issues – providing long term value for the money spent on our services.