Schabel Solutions DEI Resources & Tools

As a strategic diversity, equity and inclusion partner with over 25 years of DEI practitioner experience, Schabel Solutions draws from a wealth of knowledge when providing solutions for our clients. We aim to help organizations address the dangers of unmitigated unconscious bias, untapped talent, missed market opportunities and stagnant innovation to create more collaborative, engaged and productive workplaces and workforces.

In working with many organizations to develop and implement impactful diversity and inclusion programs, our DEI experts gather immense expertise and unique perspectives. As a company, we’ve turned our experience and knowledge into tangible DEI resources that can be downloaded for free. Below are the current resources we have available. As we develop more resources, we’ll share what we’ve learned by adding them here.

Unconscious Bias Checklist

Unconscious bias refers to a bias that we are unaware of and which happens outside of our control. Biases make their way into every step of recruiting and hiring processes which is why we created an unconscious bias checklist with strategies for how to avoid unconscious bias in recruiting candidates and throughout the hiring process. This unconscious bias checklist is a great first step toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Please feel free to share the information with team members and leaders within your organization to initiate further discussion and make strategic decisions.

Check Out Our Unconscious Bias in Recruiting & Hiring Checklist

Demographic Trends & Business Case for DEI Infographic

Our 2023 Demographic Trends & Business Case For Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Infographic offers researched information about current DEI trends and how they’re influencing present and future business practices, strategies and decisions. The diversity infographic is designed in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to share with leadership and others within your organization. The information provided helps you determine the role DEI can play in your organization.

Check Out Our Demographic Trends & Business Case for DEI Infographic

Not Finding the DEI Resources You Need? Send Us Your Ideas.

We value continued growth and want to provide you with the DEI resources you need and desire. If you have ideas for DEI resources you’d like to see, please reach out by filling out the form on our contact us page, emailing us at or giving us a call at 515-423-0793.