Culture audits & DEI assessments

We meet our clients where they are. We use our culture audits and DEI assessments to help them understand their current state of DEI and how to maximize their efforts toward achievement of strategic organizational goals.

Culture audits & DEI assessments

Culture Audit

What is a culture audit?

In culture audits, we examine your current practices, policies and procedures. Our process creates a safe space for your employees and other stakeholders to share their experiences without fear of retaliation.

What is a culture audit used for?

Culture audits provide critical insights for developing strategic DEI solutions – helping you achieve your organizational goals. In culture audits, we start by uncovering organizational practices, policies and procedures that hinder diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We then identify opportunities to update and re-align practices, policies and procedures according to best practices, emerging needs and priorities, with an emphasis on inclusive design. As a tangible outcome, you’ll receive our recommendations and implementation plan.

DEI assessment

What is a DEI assessment?

In DEI assessments, we meet you where you are. We help you establish your DEI baseline and uncover your organizational DEI expectations, philosophy, values and experiences.

What is a DEI assessment used for?

In DEI assessments, we determine opportunities for organizational growth in accordance with best practices, DEI benchmarking and research. As a tangible outcome, you’ll receive a report with your individual and organizational results, and recommendations for immediate next steps to advance your DEI efforts.